Monday, August 27, 2007

Alex and his long board

Alex might as well be a notorious "dumpster diver". He regularly drags home all sorts of things other people have discarded by the side of the road. Whenever a friend knows of "good junk", Alex's interest is peaked. Recently, Alex got two odd water skis. He was determined to alter them into long boards. His mission was accomplished over a week ago. He's been using the result as "transportation" to his job at Subway. The University of South Carolina police have even "okayed" it on campus....because there is absolutely no way in which Alex can perform any of the "tricks" that other skateboarders do that can damage property. Alex plans to convert the other "ski" later this paycheck for new wheels and hardware!

By the way, the "tree" in the background is Steve's "pet weed" over seven feet tall. I can't even kill it by backing my van into it anymore!

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Anonymous said...

NOW I get it...L-O-N-G board!! So cool!----Aunt Sonya