Monday, November 24, 2008

Mathias' First Christmas Tree!

(Click on image above to enlarge.)

Today Laura Jane and Mathias sent us a photo via his Internet connected cell phone. We were thrilled....and nostalgic. Years and years ago Steve and I collected all our nickles and dimes and bought our first Christmas tree. It was about three feet tall. We decorated it with artificial flowers that were on sale...ten stems for a dollar! From that holiday on, we've been collecting Christmas ornaments. There's no way our memories, however, can match the picture above! Steve can hardly wait to visit Birmingham for Nutcracker!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Raising the Barre...article in Lake Murray Magazine

(Click on any image to enlarge. Above is one of the photos from the article. It is my personal favorite of Mathias dancing. It was shot by Jonas Lvndquist at the IBC Helsinki competition in 2005. Mathias had just turned seventeen. The piece is called "Hunter".)

While Mathias was visiting over the summer, my friend Cindi Boiter contacted him for an interview. She was compiling information for a November article in Lake Murray Magazine. (Cindi is also writing for CYBER FYBER and is a six-time winner of the South Carolina Fiction Project, most recently for her short story, Shoes.)

Well, the article just hit the stands! Of course we'll thrilled and looking for additional any of these images. Each one will enlarge enough to read and enjoy the photos! Thank you Cindi! Thank you Kristine Hartvigsen, the editor, who actually snapped one of my favorite photos of Mathias dancing. He was only eleven then!