Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Steve and I went to my parent's beautiful lake front log home just outside Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania for the long Labor Day weekend. My Dad is recovering from complications caused by thyroid surgery. Fortunately, there is no cancer; unfortunately, problems occurred that required a life-flight ride to another hospital, a tracheotomy, and days in intensive care. He's at home and improving a bit every day. It's no wonder. Everyone is caring for him, sending cards, calling, and the environment is utterly the picture of ideal nature.

We fed the blue gills bread crumbs, watched the trout stock the baby blue gills, saw geese in flight and their webbed tracks in the soft mud, played with Icky (the pet turtle), and had a wonderful lunch prepared by my sister Sonya and Vipin.

On the return trip, Steve and I had a picnic at the New River Gorge bridge viewing area. (Photo above of Steve on the trail to the overlook area.)

(Above: Sonya and Vipin, our cooks!)

(Above: The view to the lake with some of the many plants my parents have. Some are as old as I am!)

(Above: Another shot of Labor Day lunch)

(Above: Fish vying for a bread crumb)

(Above: Icky, the pet turtle.)

(Above: The view to the lake...sunbeams prevented a "perfect" shot...but look close...there are fish in the lake!)


Wanda said...

Thanks Susan for sharing these. They are great and I sure am sorry I missed your visit. But I'm glad you had a nice time. Again, your digital camera is AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey...so cool...and YES, I could see the fish in the lake photo!! Icky was so pleased to learn that he is on the internet!!!