Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Entrechat, Mathias Dingman's profile article


A couple of month's ago Mathias called to tell us that he'd be featured in a magazine that Birmingham Royal Ballet produces for members of a special group called "Friends of Birmingham Royal Ballet".  We were excited for him and excited to see this publication.  Of course, it took months before Mathias got the magazine and even longer for him to mail it. 

It was well worth the wait!  In fact, we were floored.  Everything about this magazine is first-rate and the photos are drop-dead gorgeous.  Naturally, we only got three copies:  one for my parents, one for my grandmother (Mathias' great grandma), and one for us.  This meant "sharing" the pages was problematic ... especially since scanning and posting is against copyright regulations.  So, I wrote a message to Rob Lindsay, the media officer for BRB asking for permission to "share" the article. 

Fabulously, Rob wrote back with a link to every page, page by page, and permission to post it!  CLICK HERE to read the words ... which are Mathias' personal account of his work, training, and life in the company!  (It takes a couple seconds for all FIVE pages to upload ... but this, too, is worth the wait!)