Monday, June 30, 2008

Steve's Landscaping and a special gift

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This summer Steve has been landscaping. It all started about a month ago after a storm nearly sent a neighborhood tree smashing to the ground. The city discovered that the tree was almost dead. It was, in fact, hollow. They cut it down and piled the circular sections alongside the street. Steve dragged back one of these parts before it was all hauled away. Steve, aka "Andy Goldsworthy", considers this a biodegradable lawn ornament and his new project was underway. He removed the ugly fence that had been attached to the garage front. It took two days of digging and breaking concrete to remove the poles. Most of the pavers were from other projects. Several were Steve broke them all and added little, white pebbles. He's been hauling in top soil and mulch and wants some flowering plants next. I've stayed as far away from all this as possible...lest he want my help! It does look beautiful. Oh, another thing....the bullfrog in the pond is quite enormous now and almost unafraid of Steve!

Last week was my birthday. As normal, we don't celebrate with fanfare, gifts, or other ways to mark the occasion....but a special gift arrived in the mail. I've been rather speechless since opening it. Charlene used to work here at Mouse House. We've exchanged a few emails, and she's read my blog...but never commented. I had no idea that she remembered when my birthday is and no idea that such a beautiful piece of jewelry would make the day special. The card, however, is as treasured...and will soon be in its own frame. I have the perfect chain for the cross and the perfect shelf on which to set the framed note. Thank you Charlene...from the bottom of my heart!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mathias is mentioned in DANCE EUROPE Magazine!

Today the mailman brought Dance Europe Magazine. Each month there are reviews of performances held all over the world. Birmingham Royal Ballet is often reviewed, and this month was no exception. Mike Dixon, a regular contributor to various dance publications and groups, saw the same performance as did Steve...the triple bill in York: Concerto Barocoo/Twilight/Take Five.

I'm not going to type out the entire review...just the last paragraph!

"Bintley's Take Five to the music of Dave Brubeck, however, shows the company in confident form. Mathias Dingman fizzing through the Flying Solo with Broadway élan; Jenna Roberts and Tyrone Singleton silkily poised in Two Steps; and Dingman, Steve Monteith, Christopher Rodgers-Wilson and Tom Rogers clapping their own accompaniment to Four Square produced the most enthusiastic applause of the afternoon. This is a strong piece to close a show and demonstrates David Bintley's talent for building interesting and provocative programmes."

Coming up later this month and into July, the company will be performing Giselle and another triple bill, Stravinsky: The Real Deal. After two weeks in their home theater, the Hippodrome, in Birmingham, the company moves both shows to the Lowry in Manchester....where Steve and I are going! I can't believe we're flying back to England again....but....hey, we aren't saving for anyone's college education!