Monday, December 29, 2008

Photos from Japan

(Click on any image to enlarge. Above: Mathias at Christmastime, 2008. He's working on the photos he took while BRB toured Japan almost a year ago!)

Okay....these aren't exactly new pictures. Mathias went to Japan last January (2008) with Birmingham Royal Ballet (BRB). He took all sorts of photos but never downloaded them. He meant to bring his quite full "chip" home last summer but forgot. So almost a year passed. He had decided to "do something" with these pictures while here in Columbia because our computer has Photoshop.

During his Christmas break he color/contrast corrected them, titled them, made folders for them, copied them onto a CD for his computer back in England....and left the files on my computer to share on this blog. The photo above is of Mathias....working on his Japan pictures. I think the main reason he finally did this was because BRB is going to CHINA this January. He finally needed his camera's "chip" cleared for more photos. Hopefully, it won't be another year before I get to see these pictures!

I have put a title to most of these images....according to the titles Mathias used. It isn't as if Steve or I actually know most of these dancers! Yet, we remember fondly all the worrying we did when Mathias first moved to England. We fretted that he didn't have any friends. We agonized over the relationship he had with a Kirov Academy we knew would fail and leave Mathias heart-sick. Yet, all our fears are put to rest with these fantastic photos of a foreign tour shared with close friends and a new constant companion known as Laura Jane!

We're madly in love with Laura Jane. She makes Mathias happy. I haven't met her family but Steve has. He adores them. Even without an introduction, I share the feeling.....after all, they seem to love, accept, and care about Mathias. What more could I ask! they are! Mathias and Laura some very, very fancy party held last January for BRB while they toured Japan. They all look so lovely....and took a lot of photos....even more than I could post! I know that Mathias bought a new suit (Laura-Jane's selection!) for the trip to China. Hopefully, within a year we'll have images to share of the gala dinners and other engagements these talented dancers will attend in their best dress! no particular order...just whatever Blogger uploaded first....are some of Mathias' photos from Japan! All images can be "clicked on" for enlargement!

(Above: Party...Vicki and Mathias)

(Above: Party....Yasuo and Mathias)

(Above: Party....Val and Mathias.)

(Above: Party...."My Table")

(Party....Ty, Ambra, and Mathias)

(Party....Nao and Mathias)

(Party....Laura-Jane, Koske, and Mathias)

(Party....Lei and Mathias)

(Party....Johnny and Mathias)

(Party....Jamie and Mathias)

(Party....Iain and Mathias)

(Party....Dom and Mathias)

(Party: Chris and Mathias)

(Party....Chi and Mathias)

(Party....Celine and Mathias)

(Party....Aaron, Sonia, and Mathias)

(Above: Yasuo and Mathias with Noodles)

(Above: Laura Jane, Mathias and "food".)

(Above: Mathias being the way....I taught him how to cross one eye at a time!)

(Above: Mathias called this photo "Friends" but went on to add: Jamie, Jenna, Nat, Ty, and Me.)

(Above: This is another photos called "Friends" that continued with "Jamie, Jenna, Nat and Me".)

(Above: This photo is called "Chris and I in Tokyo"....I think Mathias said this was part of the city completely devoted to technology....every Internet/camera/phone/printer/high-tech need imaginable within a few couple to the left, right, and up and down!)

Above: Mathias called this one "Chi and me"

Above: Mathias called this one "Bob, Goose, and Me". I have not idea what kind of a name "Goose" is!

Above: Aaron and Mathias

Above: "Olie, Furg, Sam, and I" we go sight-seeing. Yes, of course, as the daughter of world travelers who escorted students since 1964 on college accredited trips, I taught Mathias how to navigate bus/train/airport schedules and gave him a particular "gene" that forces Michelin guide books and an absolute need to seek out cultural are some of Mathias photos:

Above: This one is called "Kamakura, Me and Buddha"

This one is called "Kamafura: Laura Jane and I and a Really Big Buddha"

Here is: Kamafura, Funny Buddha and Me

Above: Nikko, Me and a Temple

Above: Nikko, Laura Jane

Above: Nikko, Laura Jane, Me, and another Temple

Above: Nikko, Laura Jane and some buildings

Above" Nikko: Buildings and Me

Above: Nikko: More buildings and me

Nikko: Yet more buildings and Me

Above: Nikko, Mathias and a Red Man Mathias' defense, he took scores of other photos....all very well composed and perfectly lit! They are very interesting and include lots of architectural and artistic details. He paid attention to the landscape, cityscape, people, and atmospheric conditions. He shot images of fast trains, paper prayers waving in the wind, and natural plant life. I didn't upload any of these photos....just the ones in which Mathias was featured! I'm hoping to do the same for the images he will soon be taking in China. As I type, he and the rest of BRB's company are in the air winging their way across the globe to theaters where they will undoubtedly impress!