Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trip to Hungary!

I'm absolutely flooded with work! My upcoming exhibition at City Gallery at Waterfront is looming! I've got Decision Portraits to stitch and keys to "tag" with handmade labels and details to attend....but I also have hundreds of photos to share from my recent trip to Hungary. It was an amazing adventure.

My Dad, Mom, sister Wanda, and Ann Feller (my Dad's first cousin's wife) all stayed in
Tamási, the center of Tolna Megya (county). It is known for its thermal bath....which, of course, we visited. We went to Belecska and Keszöhidegut, places from which my Dad's mother came. We went to an interesting "Fish Park" and to two "Heitmatmuseums" (local historical museums) where we drooled over piles of traditional embroideries. We also went to Udvari....the town from which my Dad and the other Swabian Germans were deported in 1947. Udvari was having its annual Dorffest (Village Festival) and had invited the former Germans (most of whom ended up in Seifenersdorf, in the former East German Republic). There was goulash, schnapps, and plenty of local wine.

I've posted the photos on Flickr! albums:

General Photos of a a SET OF PHOTOS

General Photos of a a SET OF PHOTOS
Belecska and Keszö a a SET OF PHOTOS
The Fish a a SET OF PHOTOS
Udvari, Church and a a SET OF PHOTOS a a SET OF PHOTOS
General photos of Heitmatmuseum in a a SET OF PHOTOS
Embroideries at the Heitmatmuseum in a a SET OF PHOTOS

All these photos are saved in a
large format.....a size that can be printed without a lot of pixelation.....ready for friends and family to "grab" and print for themselves. They are nice to view as a slideshow....but to copy to photos to your personal computer, visit the "Set of Photos" (above). Then, click on the individual image you want. The photo will "pop up" into view. Then, right click on that photo.....there will be a "pop up" tab with the words: View available sizes: Medium 500, Medium 620, large, original. CLICK will only see a small portion of the photo. Right click on this "small portion", select "Save Image As". The next "pop up window" will show you a place on your personal computer. Save the photo. This method will save the greatest number of pixels and allow you to print the clearest image in the largest size. me if you have a problem.....but I'll be ordering prints for you and Dad too!