Thursday, August 9, 2007

Final Screen Printing Lesson

Last night was the final class with Nick and Sara at Half and Half Designs. We prepared more than enough homework in order to print two-color images and learn how to properly "register" our designs (make the two colors line up correctly!) In fact, we created a four color image inspired by "Guitar Hero", the currently popular video game that has Mathias and Alex vying for top score.

Above is the design...well, just three of the colors. The red triangle represent guitar picks. The blue guitars have silver centers...silver printed before the blue.

I also used one of my digital images of African masks in order to create a two-color print. I even brought several pieces of decorative paper on which to print. The results were spectacular...except that I accidentally chopped off the tip of my thumb on the very, very sharp paper cutter at Half and Half Designs. (Totally my own stupidity!) Therefore, much of the printing was done by Mathias and Alex....and all of the cleaning up was done by them since my thumb was wrapped in a scrap of towel and bleeding all over the floor.

Ignoring the injury, we printed on. It was really too much fun to stop. The print above includes the musical clef...all four colors. Most of this edition is "lined up" better...but Alex and Mathias love to experiment.

In fact, the print above has the silver guitar centers and the red guitar picks under the two-color mask. It looks great. Therefore, we all signed it. We signed everything after a late dinner of steak...Mathias' last home-cooked dinner here. This morning he and Steve left for Washington, DC to see a soccer game and for Mathias to catch his flight back to England.

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Alis said...

Great work all of you.

Hugs, Alis