Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Screen printing: The Second Class

Having done our "homework", Mathias, Alex, and I were quite prepared for our second lesson in screen printing. Alex traced images from a child's coloring book. I used one of my digital photos as a of the Pre-Raphaelite inspired stained glass windows in the Birmingham Art Museum. Only Mathias drew a design illustrated word...IRAQ.

We exposed our images onto the emulsion coated screens using a vacuum powered light table...and then we started printing.

Nick has the patience of a seasoned instructor and really helped us get decent results on our first attempts.

Alex used peacock blue ink. The print looks great!

We also got to clean the screens using their power sprayer, some heavy-duty chemicals, and "grease lightening". Then, we discussed our new assignment...two color prints! We can hardly wait until next week.

Above is my image printed on some decorative paper which I brought along.

This one is Mathias' print.

The final image was an experiment. Of course, Alex and Mathias wanted to know how their designs looked on top of one another!


Alis said...

Great work all and it looks fun.
Hugs, Alis

Wanda said...

Really really cool. long is Mathias home for?? Do you know if he is ever going to dance in Germany? I mean on this year's schedule?