Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Holidays!

(Click on any of these photos to enlarge! Yes....Steve had another "zap" from the skin doctor....just a basil cell....now gone!)

Although we are still estranged from Alex, the Christmas holidays have still been a time to enjoy family and friends. Mathias was able to visit with Laura-Jane and her family in Scotland before flying here on Christmas Eve. We had turkey for the Christmas dinner.

A few days later my best friend Tina (from fourth grade through high school; from our weddings through the birth of our boys; now living in Charlotte, North Carolina) came for a great day. We all enjoyed the great tasting Omaha Steak dinner for four, a gift from my parents.

Even Sissy (on right....Shadow is on the left!), our newly adopted "rescue" cat managed to come out from hiding! Tomorrow we head north to Slippery Rock, PA to visit my parents and youngest sister Sonya for a New Year's Eve celebration...and to root The Ohio State University football team in its Rose Bowl appearance! Go Bucks!