Saturday, August 4, 2007

At the Beach

Steve, Mathias, Alex, and I set off early this morning. We delivered my artwork to Francis Marion University in Florence, South Carolina. Curator Roberta Olmstead will hang my solo show which hangs until late September.

We drove on to Charleston...actually, to Terrace Oaks Antique Mall where we sell framed antiquarian prints. Sales have been rather good recently. Thus, our walls were left looking more like a "hodge podge". We brought other pictures, rearranged, and quickly were able to go to the beach. The day was beautiful. Somewhere, Alex and Mathias found a small beach ball. (I sure hope they didn't take it from the little kid with whom I saw Alex...image captured above!)

Mathias threw the ball high and long.

Alex threw the ball quick the far.

Occasionally, one of them actually caught the ball!

Steve and I waded in the water, looked for shells, watched the boys, and enjoyed the sun. The waves were excellent.

When I asked the boys to "pose" they did...but...

...they wanted to "jump" for the photos...on the count of one, two, three!

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wanda said...

Oh I want to go to the beach too!! Such beautiful weather and I'm sure you guys had GREAT fun! they have jelly fish there too?? Like at Virginia Beach? ha ha Sure am enjoying the blog updates...kinda makes me feel like I'm there with you guys!