Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Red Plaid Jacket

(Above: Dad and me....and the red plaid jacket. Click on any image to enlarge.)

Once upon a time (approximately 1961), my Dad taught history in Mansfield, Ohio. It was some sort of summer class, possibly students who had failed history during the year. Evidently he made the experience memorable. At the end of the course his students gave him this red plaid jacket. He loved it and wore it for years. There's a special photo of him in the jacket.

(Above: My parents and me...and the red plaid jacket.)

Later, three of his four daughters sort of "borrowed" the jacket and wore it too. Although I'm the eldest daughter, I had never "borrowed" it. Recently, the youngest returned the jacket and said, "It's Susan's turn". So....this past weekend my parents visited. They were on their way to a time share in Florida. They brought the jacket and I immediately wore it to an encore art reception at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios. Those are Patrick Parise's abstractions in the background and Patrick's lovely wife Sandi snapped the photos. The jacket looks great...even after nearly fifty years!

(Above: My parents, husband Steve and me....and the red plaid jacket!)