Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Week

Here's Steve, Alex, and Alex's girlfriend Erica ready to dig into Thanksgiving dinner. I can't believe I didn't manage a better photo...but I didn't. The turkey, however, looks good. Steve found a nice small one...just ten and a half pounds. Thus, the leftovers only lasted through Saturday.

For Alex, Thanksgiving is Nutcracker time. This is the sixth year he'd performed with the Carolina Ballet, the civic company. In Act One he's a party gentleman...quite handsome in a tuxedo with tails. In Act Two he's a rat...gets blown away by the soldier's cannon. In Act Three he's Mother drag...bright pink and a fancy white wig. There are five performances. Tomorrow is the final one and I'm hoping Alex takes the camera for some backstage candid shots.

Today in my studio I put together a quilt with a Xylene transfer of Bessie Smith in the center. This is surrounded by vintage squares. Of course, this became Shadow's preferred place to sit.

At the Nutcracker we ran into Linda Phillips. She was selling Nutcrackers for the company in the theater's lobby while babysitting her daughter Stephanie's new toy dog. This pet is only 24 ounces...smaller even than my sister Sonya's Lulu! Totally adorable inside a pet purse.

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Wanda said...

Are you saying that Steve cooked? You PROVED to your family that you can really do it...Thanksgiving dinner at least!! It looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope you know I was there too...eating the dark meat as always! ha ha