Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nutcracker Rehearsal

(Above: Alex and his friend Eddie)

What makes these next two weeks really busy are the events in which we are all involved. Thursday is the annual Vista art event where all the downtown galleries and studios stay open (including mine), host shows, greet hundreds of people walking through our spaces and trying to talk about our work (and hopefully sell a piece or two). The next night is Festival of the Trees. Saturday is "Art Day"...a family day the continues the art activities of Vista Lights into the weekend. That weekend is also the time that the civic ballet company moves its Nutcracker sets, props, costumes, and company into the Township auditorium for a Thanksgiving week of performances.

This weekend, in addition to setting up at Festival of the Trees, Alex is consumed with Nutcracker rehearsals...the last full cast ones before going on the stage. I went by and took a few shots of the opening party scene. Alex will be wearing a tuxedo, waltzing, and playing the part of a party-goer. Later, he is a rat and Mother Ginger.

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Anonymous said...

How TALL is Alex now anyway??? Are you sure he isn't a Schnurr??? hehe Just kiddin'!