Sunday, November 11, 2007

In my studio

The next two weeks are among the busiest of the year. With this time comes Thanksgiving...which is a good thing because it causes me to reflect on all the positive things in my life amid the total reckless bursts of energy required to endure.

My friend Ellen Yaghjian took this photo of me, sitting in my studio wrapping rusted nails with variegated yarns. It was last Friday night. I was dressed for an art party at Wim Roef's if ART Gallery. It was his first business anniversary. I spent hours reflecting on my own business experiences...which stretches back to 1982. Since then, I've only spent three month drawing a pay check from a business I didn't own. Except for three and a half years (Jan. 1986 through July 1990), my work/businesses have been the sole income for our family.

Later in the evening I went to celebrate Wim's first year selling art...not mine...he doesn't take me or my artwork seriously. Part of the evening was totally surreal. Perhaps that is why Ellen insisted upon taking this photo. She said the image was "perfectly me". I'm not sure yet what she meant...but I wanted to post it...remember it...think about it. Plus, I rather do like the odd assortment ideas dressed up working in a messy environment of my own making.

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Wanda said...

ha ha Yes, the picture IS "perfectly you". But there are so many "perfectly you"s that this pic only captures one!!