Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Backstage with Alex and Carolina Ballet's Nutcracker

This is Alex's sixth year performing with Carolina Ballet's annual Thanksgiving production of the Nutcracker. It is the civic company...kids dancing almost all the roles...and their parents in the Party scene...and a few men hired to partner the older girls in the major parts.

Last year I posted impressions and photos. They can be found here.

This year, Alex took the camera backstage during the final show, the matinée on Sunday afternoon.

The day starts with "class" on stage...a time to stretch, get warmed up, practice a bit, and let Alex snap a few shots.

Make-up is a big part of every show. Various parts require very specific make-up. For Mother Ginger, Alex's face is totally white with over sized bright fushia lips.

This is one of dozens of "party girls"...perhaps even Alex's "daughter". In the first act, Alex is a Party Gentleman with a wife and daughter.

Each of the variations in the third act include a group of younger dancers in costumes that dance in the background. This little girl is one of those in the "Chinese" variation. Alex has been in this scene too...one of the men who wheel an over sized tea cup on stage. Inside is the main Chinese dancer. Alex has also been the head of the Chinese Dragon...another "living prop" on the stage for this dance.

Once upon a time, Alex fit this costume...or one very similar. He also performed this part...Nicholas, the nephew of Herr Drosselmeyer who turns into the Nutcracker and fights the Rat King and later escorts Clara to the Land of the Sweets.

This year's Sugar Plum Fairy was Alex Christian, one of Mathias' friend who has trained at English National Ballet School in London and was an apprentice with Houston Ballet. She's just joined Nevada Ballet in Las Vegas. Her partner was Evgeny Lushkin.

Above and below are photos taken from the wings of the Waltz of the Flowers.

Alex really loves this company, the production, the fellowship, dancing, and especially artistic director John Whitehead who is among his greatest supporters!

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Wanda said...

ha ha you are right!!! Matthew DID fit into that little costume! I'm so glad Alex is having fun and into it. It's been part of his life, well, his whole life!! Great pictures too!!