Monday, July 28, 2008

Steve is Twice as Nice

This afternoon Steve and I went to the American Red Cross to donate blood. I'm a regular donor...have been for years. Steve, however, isn't. Yet, it was his blood that was desparately needed. In fact, they convinced him to go on the ALYX machine to donate double the red blood cells...while putting back the platelets and plasma.

They gave him a "Twice as Nice Sticker" and a gift certificate for a free waffle from Waffle House. He was thrilled. My blood was donated....nothing special.....just regular old O positive...the universal donor! Below is Steve's blood in the special machine getting separated into red cells, plasma and whatever else!


Doreen G said...

He sure looks proud of himself doesn't he.
I have put this blog on my bloglines now so I can see whenever you update it and I won't miss out on anything like I have been in the past.

Wanda said... did great! I heard people pass out when they give blood but you got a sticker and everything! I hope you got cookies too!