Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back in the USA

Steve and I returned from England on separate separate airports. Steve's flight was, of course, hours and hours late. His carefully planned agenda had to be altered. He actually flew through Atlanta. My return was suppose to be a problem but wasn' just took forever. I landed at Dulles....outside of Washington, the southwest. The hotel, however, was the Baltimore Airport Marriott....outside Washington, the northeast. It took four hours and ten minutes to take a shuttle bus, two metro rides, another shuttle bus, to the hotel bus. I was on time though!

Mathias flew in the next day....while we recuperated from our travels with a pitcher of sangria at Rosa Mexicano. It is next to the Smithsonian's dual museum: Portrait Gallery/American Art which we also visited.

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Wanda said... least you had money for food! That's quite the trip to the hotel, Sue. Time is money...wouldn't a taxi have been an easier and faster way?? ha ha Your recuperation technique is great!! I would have been sucking on Pina alcohol of course!! Welcome Back!