Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mathias' Year in England

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Mathias recently finished his second year with Birmingham Royal Ballet. This year he didn't have his own flat (apartment) but rented a room from another couple dancing with the company. This allowed him to save money and travel. It also meant that he had no regular Internet access, no "permanent address", and existed mostly out of his suitcase while on tour.

Several wonderful things happened during the year. Mathias got the chance to dance several soloist roles...and even the principal part of Benno in Swan Lake. The photo above is Mathias as Benno. Dancing the prince was his friend Jamie Bond.

Steve and I were able to visit during the season....most recently while BRB was touring to Manchester with Giselle and a triple bill that included Card Game. These photos are from the "third" deal in Card Game. Mathias danced a solo as the two of hearts.

Manchester is also the home of Mathias' favorite soccer team....or, as they say in the UK, football club. Mathias went and toured Manchester United's stadium, trophy room, and lockers while there.

Yet, one of the most important things that happened during the year is LAURA-JANE...Mathias' girlfriend. Together they visited her family in Scotland. Below is a photo from this trip.

Above and below are images of Laura-Jane with her parents....and even the family dog!

Both Mathias and Laura-Jane turned twenty this spring. To celebrate, they flew for a long weekend to Paris! Below are some of the photos they took.

On there first evening in France, Mathias planned a reunion with a former Kirov classmate, Adrianna. Adrianna was from Mexico. She left the Kirov after Mathias' second year...that's something like six years ago. They kept in contact but hadn't seen each other until this reunion in Paris. Adrianna is no longer dancing but a student in Paris. Here are the two couples!

Unfortunately, Mathias forgot his other camera chip in England. Thus, I've got no photos to share from the trip the company took to Japan for a month....or anything else from the first part of the year! Yet, this is pretty good to get these photos from Mathias!


Doreen G said...

Wonderful photos Susan and aren't they a lovely couple.
You are obviously a very proud mum.

Wanda said... be young and in Paris and in love.....Thanks for sharing the pictures! I'm so happy that there is the internet. Our family lives in 3 different countries and we get to share because of it. Because of the internet, we can always feel visually close. We are always, however, close in heart.