Monday, May 19, 2008

The Reception, Part 1

For a reception that was supposed to be low-key, just a picnic, nothing fancy, totally casual...Wanda and Reinhard's reception was absolutely wonderful! Debbie made the best cake. Linda brought bratwurst and sauerkraut. Sonya furnished decorations. Steve and I provided a matted picture on which all the guests could sign their best wishes. It look planned for months!

(All the images can be clicked for a closer view!)

Below is Lulu...the "flower dog"...simply exhausted from all the wedding activities!


Wanda said...

More great photos Sue!! There are some really good ones!


Sonya said...

Wanda wrote "There are some really good ones" regarding your photos...but the one of Gma and I...please REMOVE IT! I'm gonna kill you!!!!!

Sonya said...

It's possible that LuLu got smaller that day...I've got the whole world in my hands!!!

Anonymous said...

Dad and I love the pictures of our neighbors. Two more were added this week - the world gets smaller as our neighbors increase. Your Dad saiys they are all dying to meet us. Susan, all your pictures are so insightful. never what others would take but always wonderful.