Monday, May 19, 2008

Before the Wedding

Steve and I had the privilege of driving Wanda and Reinhard to All Saints Lutheran Church for the the wedding. I missed some of the traditional preparations. Wanda was given a handkerchief that was supposed to be "blue"...only it was teal. It was special, however, because Grandma donated it. There must have been something "old" and something else "new"...but I missed this. The gorgeous fringed jacket was definitely BORROWED from our mother! The rest of Wanda's ensemble just fell into place around it...including Wanda's favorite "hippie" beads and dangling earrings. She was a stunning bride.

(Click on all images to enlarge.)

The church was just the right size for the 28 in and close friends.

Lilacs were cut from Sonya's yard as the flowers for the occasion.

Grandma and Mom looked wonderful.

Above are the happy parents of the bride.

Our niece Nicole invited friends.

Sonya and Vipin stood up for the couple during the ceremony.

We all started to take our places when the pastor arrived.

Above and below are the last photos I took before the ceremony sisters Wanda and Sonya.

I took videos of the short but sweet ceremony. Hopefully, I'll have them spliced into a mini video in the next day or so.


Tricks said...

Hi Susan,
What a lovely family you have, and what a wonderfully relaxed wedding. It really looks as thought you all had a great time. So nice to see a photo of you too. Thanks for sharing it with me Tricia

Wanda said...

Hey Sue! I thank you so much for taking all the pictures and videos! And Tricia wrote it WAS a great time and it WAS a wonderfully relaxed wedding! I am so very, very grateful that you and Steve came. I don't know how to thank meant so much to me and Reinhard!