Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dight Road....Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania

(Click on any of these images to enlarge.)

My parents live outside the town of Slippery Rock in western Pennsylvania on Dight Road. They have dial up Internet service for their computers. High-speed simply isn't available. They've been told that when their neighborhood has enough demand, some sort of cable company will come into their area.

The nearest neighbors are very, very quiet...and also quite dead. It is a lovely cemetery.

While visiting for my sister's wedding, I visited the nearest building. It is also quite lovely. Below are the photos I took.

(Above and below are images taken from within the empty silo.)

I don't think a high-speed Internet connection is coming anytime soon!


Wanda said...

You really did go into the barn!!! Wow...I wish I would have gone with you. But I wouldn't have worn a dress like you did!!!! ha ha It was SO GREAT seeing you and STeve!!! I love you so much

Sonya said...

Your photos make it look so exciting ...I feel like saying "I want to go and see that barn" but of course I see it all the time...I just never saw it through your eyes...thanks for sharing! ( know snakes hang out in barns like that!!)