Monday, January 2, 2012

Wanda's Christmas present

While visiting Oil City's artist relocation program over Christmas in Pennsylvania, Steve and I met a very, very talented illustrator in the midst of his own solo show. He had the original works for a new book on display but he also had a table of past books ... including one that had all sorts of problems for its publisher. It seems that the American translator of this Spanish song sued. The legal battle that ensued meant the book could no longer go into future publications and all sales of existing books had to have money go to charity. Thus, the purchase price for this volume included a $20 donation to an animal rights organization. I know my sister Wanda would appreciate both the rarity of the book and the money for the pets. So, even though this book was the most expensive one in the place ... I HAD TO BUY IT ... for Wanda, for her Christmas present. Since I won't be seeing her until April when we travel to Munich for a visit .... Here's the book. Enjoy. I know the music will be stuck in your head for days! (Sonya has no memory of this song but Mom started singing it as soon as she saw the cover!) All images can be enlarged so that you can get all the words for your singing pleasure!

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Wanda said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I started singing the song too and I remember all of the words! How can Sonya not know the song??!! And how do WE know the song? I can't remember how we know the song!! Isn't that amazing that not only do we remember the song but there is a BOOK about it! I am thrilled! Thank you! Now...what about the tulip song??