Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

Generally I take load of photographs ... bracketing the exposures, changing the light settings, and playing with other options when off the "point-and-shot" automatic setting. Somehow, I didn't manage to do any of this during the recent Christmas trip to Pennsylvania. I have no idea why ... but these are the only pictures I snapped. I apology to family members who are blurry and don't have a smile ... but these are the only ones I took! Why am I posting poor photos? Well ... these are the only ones I took ... so these are the only ones I can share with Wanda in Germany who couldn't be with us! Merry Christmas!
However ... I have more to share with Wanda because I also bought her Christmas present while in Oil City, Pennsylvania checking out the artist relocation program. That post is HERE!

Vipin and Sonya got a really cool, retro cell phone attachment for Dad ... one that might allow him to hear better while on his phone ... doubtful but worth a try.

Plus ... it is really, really cute!

Even our kitties got Christmas presents!

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Wanda said...

Thank you for posting the 'bad' pictures..they aren't actually bad. They are great! Thank you!