Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Norfolk: Part I...Mom and Dad and Mermaids

The extended weekend in Norfolk for the Virginia Arts Festival was amazing. I took loads of photos, ate too much, cried tears of pure joy over ballet, visited several cemeteries, toured historic houses, and loved every minute spent with my family. There is no way to share the experiences in chronological order. It would take forever to get it all correctly written and illustrated. So, I'm just posting several entries, thematically....or at least that's my plan.

While in Norfolk, my Dad checked his email daily....even logged on once all by himself. He corresponds with my sister Wanda in Munich, Germany each and every day. Wanda wrote begging for lots of photos.

From that moment on, I started snapping pictures of Mom and Dad with as many of the Norfolk Public Art Mermaids as possible. The city has been adding to "Mermaids on Parade" for the last ten years. They're everywhere!

Mom and Dad got used to having their photos taken with public art....even non-mermaid pieces like Chaim Cross' bronze sculpture called The Tourists from 1904. It's by the waterfront.

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