Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Norfolk: Part II...The Moses Myers House

I love touring historic homes. The Moses Myers House was no exception. The tour was private....just Mom, Dad, Steve, and me with a great guide who explained that the dining room (above) is generally more elaborately appointed.....but Birmingham Royal Ballet had some function in it during the week so the place settings were removed. We were further told that the table and chair were being put into temporary storage for this occasion too. No, Mathias was not part of this event. The room really can't hold the entire company and guests, but it was exciting to think about such a pretty, historic place being used for the arts festival and for the ballet company!

Mom and I had a bet about the detailing between these two elaborate mantles. Okay.....she won....but I got the photos!

We also visited two nearby small museums, a church with its old graveyard, and wandered around Granby Street peeking in the windows that were being used to showcase various artworks in a project called Art/Everywhere, a storefront art initiative.

Of 90 submissions, 33 projects were accepted and opened on May 1st. Easily, our favorite was Virginia Keith's Dry Humor at 250 Granby. Everything about it was clever and well done. I can't believe there are no Internet images, website with details, or this statement somewhere....but it was the space perfectly....and dealt with the waste of energy due to the prevalent use of dryers in the USA. Mom said to take a photo for my sister Wanda but this was the only one that turned out.

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