Friday, August 7, 2009

Two Special Photos

Recently Steve and I have been scanning old family photos and creating a digital file of images as well as a file of word per that information can be added about the people, places, dates, and occasions captured. Two of the photos were larger than our scanner and in frames. Yesterday I did some "copy stand" work, including these two photos.

Above is my grandma and grandpa Baker's wedding day! Below is the only known photo of the log home in Wolf Creek, West Virginia (I think). It is hand tinted. My mother's family still living in this area would very much like to see this photo. I have a very, very large digital file of it from which full sized color copies can be made. (Click on images to enlarge.....though only to the size of the average computer screen....not quite big enough for a good photo print! If the larger file is needed, just email me!)

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Wanda said...

I didn't even recognize Grandma and Grandpa when I looked at the picture first, then read what you wrote. Then I saw them right away. Look how young they are!!! I sort of remember the picture of West Virginia...from somewhere in the back of my mind. Our lives are so well documented now. It's so amazing, the differences between then and now. Wonderful!!!!