Thursday, January 3, 2008

Snow at Lenzelhof

Steve, Alex, Erica (Alex's girlfriend) and I went to my parent's house, Lenzelhof, for the New Years holiday. We were nearly snow bound....just needed a little more of the "white stuff"!

(Above: The view from the workshop to the house.)

(Above: The view to the dock my sister Wanda and our friend Waldi made last year.)

(Above: The view to the lake with the little island in the background.)

(Above: My Dad's workshop)

(Above: The little wishing well.)

(Above: The view of the back of the log cabin, Lenzelhof.)

(Above: One of the back porches)

(Above: Snow on several birdfeeders)

(Above: The back porch and view to the lake)


lockhart said...

I like your photographs. If you have the time you might drop by Westgate. I think you will find our art group of interest to you. Peace ~ Claude Lockhart Clark

Anonymous said...

Your pics are beautiful, as always. Mom