Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rare Snowfall in Columbia, South Carolina

Steve, the consummate weather guru, has been watching the television, listening to the radio, and searching the skies for a few, wet snowflakes. This evening he predicted a "wintry mix" and was thrilled when the white stuff finally fell. He insisted that Shadow, our rather stupid cat, would LOVE it. I shook my head and continued to embroider in front of a rerun of Law & Order.

The telephone rang. It was Steve and Shadow (aren't cell phones wonderful)...they needed me to document the occasion with a photograph and a blog entry...Oh truly pathetic...I've become an Internet reporter for an insane man and a cat! By the way, Shadow HATED snow.


Wanda said...

Oh no....I think Shadow LOVES the snow. I'm just absolutely sure he is trying to jump out of Steve's arms so he can go PLAY in the snow. Yeah. Yeah....THAT'S what he's doing. And my cat Abby is just sitting on the desk staring at the wall which is only about 2 inches from her nose. Yeah...Shadow and Abby really are related

Wanda said... I looked again and decided that the cat really does hate the snow but STEVE, on the other hand, is having a blast!!!! I really want to be able to go sled riding with him one day in Austria...can you imagine how much fun.... it's 7 kilometers long!!!!!!

Sonya said...

It's not that Shadow does not like the's that Shadow feels that Shadow does not look good in snow and therefore prefers to stay out of's all about the fashion, baby!