Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Steve's trip to the Washington and Oregon coastline

(Above: One of a few "artsy" photos taken by Steve!)

This post is being written in order to share Steve's western trip. He's really very supportive of all my blogging activities and now wants his time in the limelight! I told him to take as many photos as humanly possible....in order to get at least a few half decent ones. He took over 200. Here's what is left after laughing hilariously, deleting most, and using dozens of PhotoShop filters.

Last spring Steve won the "big prize" at the CMFA (Columbia Music Festival Association) annual fundraiser, Pub Night. It's a round trip airline ticket to anywhere in the continental United States! He was thrilled. We had all sorts of plans for the ticket; but, in the end, Steve decided to simply go as far as he could...Seattle, Washington. He left last Thursday morning and returned on Monday. He had a blast. He went to Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge on the Olympic peninsula. He also went to Cape Disappointment; the Hoh Rainforest; Fort Canby; Seaside, Oregon; saw Oregon Ballet Theater on Saturday night, and went into downtown Seattle on Sunday. In Seattle he went to the public markets and to the art museum.

Steve brought back a single bottle of white wine...in his suitcase due to the strict airline regulations that forbid more than 3 oz. of liquids in carry-on baggage. It was called "Cheap White Wine". We drank it last night. Soon, I'll post a picture of that too. He brought back a bottle of local beer too...he drank that for lunch yesterday. He also brought back some gourmet chocolates. We are still enjoying these.

After all our travels, we are now trying to get some SERIOUS WORK done...alas, we are not independently wealthy...just love to travel.

(Above: Another "artsy" photo!)

(Above: Early Dale Chihully artglass)

(Above: Steve knew to put something in this photo in order to establish scale. Most people place a quarter. I like the reading glasses even better!)

(Above: Rocks! All I asked for from the Pacific Ocean was some rocks. With such a vast assortment, Steve brought back only one...about the size of a quarter. He said there were signs, however, thanking people for leaving the rocks on the beach.)

(Above: Steve said he took this photo because other people were taking pictures of it! No wonder; it looks great!)

(Above: Another "artsy" photograph...I'm actually quite proud of how many GOOD pictures Steve did take!)


Anonymous said...

So fantastic...love the "Make ART not WAR" - perfect! But what?? He didn't bring back any coffee?!?! I'll bet Alex hates that he couldn't go with...so many Goldsworthy-ish type places - very Alex!! Now it's back to work for me.....Sonya

Anonymous said...

Hey, Steve takes great pictures. Wish I could share them with Grandma because she and I had such a great time out there years ago. I know he loved Seattle on Sunday! Mom

Doreen G said...

Great photo's Steve I especially love the one of the rocks.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

What a fantastic gallery of photos, personally I love the sea shore and tree photos... so atmospheric. Brilliant.

Best wishes


Wanda said...

Hey Steve! You took GREAT pictures! I love the rock picture too...of course, coming from me. ha ha I hope your trip was wonderful and I am so in awe that you just went...just went and did what you wanted and what you had planned and saw what you wanted to see. I love the ocean...I wonder if you just sat staring off at the ocean for a few minutes. It's so deep....and I don't mean the water! Anyway..I hope to hear more about your trip!

Nikki said...

I'm glad you enjoyed my neck of the woods!

Modesta said...

This is great info to know.