Friday, October 5, 2007

Birmingham Royal Ballet has updated their photos

Birmingham Royal Ballet just updated the photos of their dancers, including Mathias. Mathias isn't fond of the picture. He prefers very traditional, posed, black-and-white head shots. Personally, Steve and I love it. I can't wait to see him in London next week.

Mathias called today. He had to step into Nine Sinatra Songs last night due to a minor injury. This meant he had to dance the piece with another partner. They've danced together in other works and everything did go well. He also said he and Sasha have been invited to dance in some sort of reunion performance being put together of Jackson medalists and award winners. When asked if he'd spoken to Sasha about this...well, I can't exactly type the response. Fortunately, Mathias is a great actor and is looking forward to the challenge of dancing a pas de deux with an ex-girlfriend. He exudes confidence!

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Anonymous said...

You mention Matthias but have some photo here of some man?!?! That CAN NOT be him! When did he grow up and grow a beard!!!