Monday, July 29, 2013

Mathias and LJ's summer vacation photos!

Mathias and Laura-Jane booked passage on the ferry to France for their "mini" and for themselves.  They spent nearly two weeks traveling through World War II bunkers, historic towns, vineyards, and sunny beaches.  They returned to England in order to wash clothes before going on to a friend's wedding in Scotland.  The photos from these adventures were shared on Facebook ... and now they are on "My Family Blog" ... so that my Mom and Dad can see them too. 

CLICK HERE for a Flickr! set.
Dad ... Flickr! has changed.  I can't seem to find a link directly to the slideshow.  Just click the link above and then click on the first photo.  You will see an arrow on the right side ... so that you can go to the next image.  It is easy!  You don't even need Mom's help!  Try it ... You'll like it!

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