Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow in Slippery Rock! Christmas 2012

(Above:  Female Downy Woodpecker.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

On Christmas Day Steve and I got up very early and traveled north through dense fog in West Virginia and all the way to Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania ... in time for Christmas dinner.  It was GREAT!  We opened presents afterwards ... including the one I bought for my sister Sonya and brother-in-law Vipin. 

Okay, I admit it!  This found-object artpiece was really bought for their little pup Lulu ... for this photo op!

(Above:  Lulu and the Christmas crab!)

The next day snow storm Euclid dumped plenty of the "white stuff" and we went for a walk by the ice covered lake and through the woods.  We also spent plenty of time watching the dozens of different types of winter birds eating at the feeders outside my parents' sliding glass doors.  A dozen turkeys wandered by as well.

(Above:  Snow covered cat tail reeds at the side of the lake.)

We are now officially snowbound ... and loving it.  It is an excellent excuse for staying inside and stitching!  I posted 29 photos on a Flickr! account ... HERE or HERE FOR A SLIDESHOW!

(Above:  View to my parent's house from the workshop/garage.)

(Above:  Me in my mother's winter coat ... the one she called Nanook of the North.)

(Above:  Steve ... as we approached the bird feeders ... where I took the photo of the woodpecker at the beginning of this post.)


Lynn Cohen said...

My cat would absolutely attack that dog dish ... and I LOVE the winter coat!!!! Not crazy about snow, but glad you are enjoying yourself there, I do admit it is pretty to look out.

Here in California my office window is open and sun and fresh cool not cold air coming in.

Wanda said...

And just when I thought my 'homesickness' was gone!!


Thanks for driving all the way up here. We miss you two!


PS. LuLu does NOT really like that crab, but she told me to write and thank you for it...she will enjoy avoiding it.