Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mathias and LJ move into their brand new house!

We've known for some time that Mathias and Laura-Jane had bought a brand new home. They closed on it weeks ago and have been waiting for the keys....when the contractors finished building it! Well, the work was completed, the keys were delivered, and over the weekend Mathias and LJ started moving in. We've heard that they have a bed frame....just no mattresses. They're sleeping on the floor until Wednesday's delivery. These are the first photos we've seen! Click on any of them to enlarge. Mathias sent them via his cell phone!



Kitchen is big!!! So great!! Thanks for the update

Wanda said...

OH WOW!!!!! This is SO exciting!! I hope he sends lots and lots of pictures and you post them because I really want to see them! I'm sure the excitement level is sky high in England right now!! This is GREAT!!

Wanda said...

P.S. In my younger years, I slept on the floor for a month in Denver waiting for my furniture to get there!