Friday, October 29, 2010

Day trip from Plymouth to Exeter, UK

Steve and I went by train from Plymouth for a day in the nearby city of Exeter. It was a fabulous trip to see an incredible cathedral, the grounds of the castle, the ruins of a Roman wall, and the art center. I collected dozens of epitaphs and snapped scores of images for future artwork and inspiration. Inside the cathedral was an incredible exhibit called "Good Grief", embroidery by Jacqui Frost. Below are the photos from this day trip with captions.

(Above: Exeter Cathedral, exterior. Flying buttresses.)

Above: Interior of Exeter Cathedral.

Above: Choir area of Exeter Cathedral

Above: One of the famous aspects of the cathedral....the longest, continuous

Above: Interior details at Exeter Cathedral.....just love the patina of peeling paint...and the mix of ornamentation added over dozens of decades!

Every nook held a treasure.

Every wall included many interesting pieces....including this still operating clock which dates to the 15th c.

But....look carefully at the picture of the clock. This door is there....complete with a hole for the church cat. Supposedly, the origin of the "Hickory Dickory Dock" nursery rhyme started with this door and a long line of cats who kept the mice from eating the ropes that make the clock tick!

I love all the areas of these ancient structures, especially the places set aside to remember the war dead....complete with weathered flags.

The gigantic low notes from the organ come from these pipes.

Of course, I'm always on the lookout for interesting graves, solemn last words, and unique ways of remembering loved ones. There was plenty to inspire at Exeter. Royalty was certainly given very regal tombs covered in colorful paint and gilding!

Above: One of the best ever epitaphs on a beautiful grave marker inside the Exeter Cathedral.

Above: Another great tomb...complete with a carved skull!

The doorways were even gorgeous....

....especially the locks that are still used! I'd love to see the key!

Exeter must have an incredibly gifted and active guild for the creation and maintenance of the church textiles. There were great needlepointed kneelers everywhere....

...and in the "children's area" they included a sign to help preserve these textiles!

I only snapped this one photo of the many stained glass windows....but sure it cute!

The gardens around the now private castle were picturesque.

Nearby was one of the oldest gatehouses.....

...with a plague to the last women prosecuted for witchcraft in England.

We also visited the small parish church of St. David's.....

....and its great churchyard, of course!

The art center was amazing and the exhibition on view was first rate!

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Wanda said...

Very different from the last church I was in (Udvari). I love the fact that you had good weather, at least I see some blue sky!