Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Steve as ROCKY!

I tried to make a little video of this but couldn't figure out how to purchase the "Gonna Fly" music from the movie Rocky! It would have to be that melody....nothing else would do! Steve was going to post this on him blog, but he managed to fly to London late last night....likely one of the very first international flights into the United Kingdom since the volcano erupted in Iceland. He's there to see Mathias perform Bluebird in The Sleeping Beauty. So.....I'm posting his "Rocky Run" here!

So.....(above) he goes. Sing along...Bum..bumbum...Bum...bumbum...BUM.BUM.BUM!

Yes, it is ridiculous. No, he was not the only person doing this. There were plenty of people taking the stairs outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art two and three at a time. The air seemed to pulse with the ever-so-familiar beat from Sylvester Stallone's movie workout.


Higher and Higher!

Gonna Fly Now!

Yes! He made it!

Triumphant! ..... And, yes, plenty of people jump up and down, hands held high, at the top of the like Rocky!

At the top, the exact spot is marked by two sneaker patterned bronze footprints and a carved word "Rocky". Yes....we waited our turn for Steve to stand in this spot!

Near the bottom of the steps is the bronze "Rocky" statue. (Photo far above!) There's a little chain rope partition around it so that a line automatically forms on the sidewalk leading up to the statue. People (including us) wait patiently for their turn for a photo-op. By the way, the museum is WONDERFUL. We stayed for most of the day and early evening. It was open until 8:45...and is on every Friday night. Live jazz was performed. We almost stayed for dinner in the posh restaurant....but we were under dressed! As we left, we giggled at the people taking turns for photos....fists in the air....Rocky style.....even though we'd done the same thing just hours beforehand!

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Wanda said...

This is GREAT!!! I can almost hear the music!! And you singing it!!!! I would have done the same thing and it makes my heart sing to think that so many people do it...just for the fun of it and to be silly for a couple of minutes! Isn't it nice to know people can still do that even though so many things are bad in the world right now. Fewer and fewer people run through the fields by Maria Plain in Salzburg singing the hills are alive (not that that's where it was filmed but people just tended to do it there in the meadow). But I still would! And you do it with me and we'll take pictures!!!