Sunday, March 15, 2009

Laura-Jane turned 21!

I recently joined Facebook. I still don't understand most of the features....especially options that send photos of bugs and cyber-pokes to those on one's "friend list"....but I'm happy to share one of the recently uploaded images of Mathias and Laura-Jane taken on her 21st birthday.

The morning after the party we heard from Mathias....he was "caring" for her condition! Evidently the celebration was many 21st birthdays!



I went to the Shed for my 21st! I think Laura-Jane probably did better!! haha

Wanda said...

Congrats Laura-Jane! I got a nightgown from mom and dad and we had a little party at the Hot Dog Shop. Sounds like Laura-Jane's was a tad better!

Anonymous said...

I was married, had a new baby and a new first home so we could not even afford a six pack. Somehow, I didn't care. Mom