Monday, November 24, 2008

Mathias' First Christmas Tree!

(Click on image above to enlarge.)

Today Laura Jane and Mathias sent us a photo via his Internet connected cell phone. We were thrilled....and nostalgic. Years and years ago Steve and I collected all our nickles and dimes and bought our first Christmas tree. It was about three feet tall. We decorated it with artificial flowers that were on sale...ten stems for a dollar! From that holiday on, we've been collecting Christmas ornaments. There's no way our memories, however, can match the picture above! Steve can hardly wait to visit Birmingham for Nutcracker!


Doreen G said...

He looks so happy Susan and such a handsome young man.

SONYASPHERE said... I guess I'll have to start saving popsicle sticks to make ornaments for that tree!! hehe

Wanda said...

He does look very happy. His first Christmas in his new apartment is a way different experience than any of ours. All "first Christmas's" are memories to be cherished. I decorated a "charlie brown tree" with snowflakes cut out of magazine paper! And I've got a first Christmas this year too.



Linda of the Lake said...

Thank you to Susan and Mathias. I printed it to show Greatgrandma. Our first Christmas together was at Henry's parents. Our first Christmas in our own place was in Mansfield, Ohio in our first apartment. It was in the sunroom, which was our living room, of the mansion where our first apartment was. Our fist Christmas in our own owned home was on Vennum Avenue. Susan made a clothespin angel which still graces our tree. Love Mom and Dad