Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mathias and Laura-Jane's apartment

(Click on images to enlarge!)

Mathias and Laura-Jane have moved into together. The apartment is located on Paradise utterly appropriate. Mathias also has a new phone. The old one accidentally got laundered several months ago. He got one of the new iPhones...which means he has Internet access! He can send and check emails! Today he even sent us these two phones of the new flat! Yes...this is life on Paradise Lane!



Well, it's true...Mathias is the first one of us with an apartment that does not have any hand-me-down furniture! Grandma Lenz' couch served several of us (finally fell apart and I left it in my last apt before of course my international student roommates). I guess the only way to make that happen is to move out of the country!

Wanda said...

Wow..what a GREAT apartment! And very nicely decorated...yes, with NEW stuff!!! Really nice! Two can live cheaper than one, that's for sure. What is is email address? I'd love to email him!

Wanda said...

Now wait just a minute...things ARE NOT perfect...I think there's a shirt on the floor!!!! ha ha ha Makes me feel, in some sick way, a little better!!! ha ha