Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday was Christmas Eve. Mathias and I went in a twelve foot long Penske rental truck to deliver and hang the enormous Manning Williams' painting to my client's house on Kiawah Island. Afterwards, we all went to the Caggiano's Christmas Eve drop in. It was wonderful catching up with Katie, hearing about her new house, job, and life in general. Then, we stayed up until midnight in order to celebrate.

This morning Steve had to drive Mathias back to the Charlotte airport. He's flying back to England where Birmingham Royal Ballet will rehearse before heading to a month long tour of Japan.

Our time together was wonderful. Mathias taught two ballet classes for Columbia City Jazz. Alex got new keys made for the moped...having lost both sets.

We went to Charlotte to see Seia Rassenti, Mathias' classmate, in North Carolina Dance Theater's The Nutcracker. While there, we met and had dinner with Seia's friend Anna Gerberich, another dancer with the company, and her new boyfriend Patrick who is unfortunately sidelined with an injury.

Also in Charlotte, we went to Discovery Place to see the amazing exhibition "Body Works" and many of the things in the permanent collection...including these two rather disgusting moray eels. One of the best things to happen, however, was learning that Alex's girlfriend Erica did get her requested time off from her job...so, we'll be headed to Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania for a New Year's celebration....except for Mathias.


Wanda said...

I'm so glad Mathias got to come home..even if it was for a short time. And he got to see friends too. That's important. As I learned, the ballet world is very small! Alex...get a rock climbing thing, put your keys on it and attach it to a beltloop!!!! And also...Alex...how are you going to get a tattoo if you are afraid to give blood??? ha ha ha ha
Did Shadow know who Mathias was or did she forget? ha ha Love you!

Joann said...

Alex, the "rock clinbing thing" is called a caribeaner (the spelling is probably off). It's neat to check this "blog" to see what all of you are up to. Alex and Mathias are so grown up!