Monday, July 23, 2007

A Wonderful Weekend

A wonderful weekend started late on Friday night. We went to Happy Booksellers with dozens of other anxious families to wait for the midnight distribution of pre-purchased Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows books. We had three copies reserved.

Alex came wearing my black velvet wrap...sort of "in costume"...and wasn't too upset that the only other book we purchased was A Lesson Before Dying, his required summer reading material. He'll have to read it before tackling the nearly 800 pages of "Harry Potter"

The book shop had been "partying" since 9 PM. There were various prizes and games. We didn't participate but the boys did pose with the "best costume" winner....he really, really could have been a "stunt double" for Uncle Vernon!

Steve and Mathias started the book the next morning. I waited until that evening but am now chapters ahead of both. Yet, we didn't spend the entire weekend reading. Steve drove the boys out to Saluda Shoals Park for a kayak trip.

The weather couldn't have been more wonderful...clear skies and it wasn't over 90 degrees...a rare summer day in South Carolina.

While skipping stones Mathias found an arrowhead. We were all thrilled as none of us have ever found one before.

Since the weather was so perfect, we even cooked out and enjoyed the backyard over dinner. (Alex went on a isn't in these pictures!)

Other than reading "Harry Potter", what did I do? Well, I finished stitching on the "Black God" series, cut mats for them, and went to my studio for a bit. Mathias showed up in the studio after working out at Stronghold Athletic Club. He tried out the "embellisher" and found it to be really FUN!

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Wanda said...

Oh my...your "boys" are not so much boys anymore but men! is it that you are old enough to be their mother? Aren't we just going into adulthood ourselves? Oh..maybe it's just me ha ha So glad you have this site. Oh..what flavor is the purple ice cream?????