Thursday, June 21, 2007

Skate and Create

Alex made it through his day at Subway...a full work of genuine employment. He really helped out at Skate and Create, the art show I sponsored at the gallery. The temperature was in the high 80s and the heat on the pavement had to have made Lady Street hotter than the low 90s. No one thought about providing water. Alex and Erica took my credit card to Publix and hauled in three cartons of bottled water and plenty of ice.

Finally, Alex got to skate a friend's long board down the closed off, sloping Lady Street.

Above is his contribution to the art altered skateboard...a clock. The most hilarious thing happened at noon while I was working with the Dave Toole from Blue Tile Skate Shop and Shannon Purvis of the tattoo parlour. A sound pierced through the gallery. We were labeling the art and didn't recognize the sound immediately. It was an alarm was Alex's skateboard...the default for the alarm for 12 noon. It took us several strange seconds to figure out what we where hearing. So, the clock works!

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