Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More Memorial Day Photos

I've created this new blog just for my family, though obviously others can access it. I wanted a place to post images that really wouldn't be of interest to the rest of the world but would be special to family members. These pictures are mostly at 300 dpi...which is a high resolution...good for quality printing. So, family members, if you want to keep a snapshot, click on the picture, save it, print it. What is wonderful about sharing them on a blog is that each image will still be here whenever you want it.

The pictures I've uploaded were all taken yesterday, Memorial Day 2007. We visited two cemeteries in the Huntington area and one outside St. Albans, West Virginia. We put flowers on all the graves. I took pictures of Aunt Janet, her apartment, the graves of our relatives, and some of the tombstones that just interested me...despite the fact that we didn't know the folks buried underneath.

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